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A Few Tips For Buying A New Pool Liner

If your old pool liner is at the end of its lifespan and developing leaks, then it's time to have a new liner installed. Vinyl liners are durable, but UV rays and chemical exposures take their toll and eventually break down the liner. Replacing the liner has a bright side though: it gives you the chance to transform the look of your pool thanks to the many colors and patterns available on vinyl pool liners. Here are some tips for choosing your new liner.

Thicker Is Better

Thicker pool liners cost more, but they are more durable. If you're tempted to save money and buy a thinner liner, consider the position of your pool in relation to the sun first. If your pool is in full sun all day long, then the liner will wear out faster, especially if you buy a thinner variety. If your pool is in shade part of the day, whether it is shade from trees or a nearby building, then a thin liner could potentially last as long as a thicker one. However, also consider who will use your pool. Vinyl liners can be punctured, so if you have several rowdy kids using the pool on a daily basis, you may want a thicker, more durable liner.

Color Is Important

Liners come in different colors and shades. This allows you to choose the perfect color that goes with your deck. For instance, you may want the pool to have a hint of turquoise so it looks like a Caribbean beach. Water itself is transparent, so the color in your pool is determined by the color of the liner, the depth of the water, and the amount of shade on the water. You can choose a liner that is deep blue, sky blue, or one with a hint of green. The color also affects the temperature of the water. Darker colors hold onto heat, which you may like if you enjoy swimming in warmer water. Light colors reflect the sun so the water stays cooler and more refreshing on hot days.

Designs Are Optional

When it comes to designs, you can go with whatever inspires you. Choose tile, pebbles, or a simple plain design. You can even get liners with underwater scenes printed on them. There are so many choices, you may have difficulty making up your mind. If you change the design and color of your new liner when compared to your current one, it's just like getting a new pool. You can update the deck and outdoor furnishings for an entirely different look.

Picking out the type of liner is purely up to your tastes--you may want to compare different products online, like those at However, choosing the right size and installing it takes experience and skill. If your pool has a custom shape, it is important to let a contractor take measurements so you buy a liner of the correct size so there are no wrinkles or stretched areas that lead to problems later on.