Creating A More Functional Pool Area

3 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of The Pool

Pests in and around your pool or spa can ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. It can also lead to more work as you try to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. The following tips can help you overcome pest problems so you can concentrate on enjoying your time in the water.

#1: Look for breeding grounds

Chances are mosquitoes and other annoying pests aren't breeding or drinking directly from the chemically treated pool. They likely have a source of freshwater nearby for this purpose. Fully inspect your backyard, especially near the pool, for likely sources. Stagnant water in puddles or birdbaths are common culprits. If you have stacks of pool items, such as floats or toys, makes sure that rainwater hasn't collected in these since the water will provide a spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs. The goal is that there should be no standing water other than what is in the pool or spa.

#2: Minimize attractants

Another issue with animals is that many are drawn to nest or breed near the pool, which can lead to animals falling and drowning in the pool, or simply being a nuisance around the pool. Frogs and rodents, in particular, tend to congregate near the pool. Avoid growing dense stands of decorative plants, such as grasses, near the water since these provide cover for small animals. Also, keep the area around the pool clean at all times. Don't leave food out and always sweep and wipe down surfaces after eating near the pool. Food and shelter are the key culprits that draw these animals pests to your pool.

#3: Invest in a cover

If constantly skimming for insects or pulling small animals out of the pool with a net has become bothersome, then consider a cover upgrade. It can be a pain to try and tarp the pool by hand every day. Installing an automatic cover system, which runs on a small motor, makes short work of this task so there is never any reason to leave the pool uncovered when it is not in use. You should also have a covered area to store your pool paraphernalia instead pf just stacking it nearby. This can be a dedicated shed or simply an outdoor storage box with a tight-fitting lid.

For more help with pests or other issues with your pool, visit a pool and spa store in your area. You may want to contact a company such as The Watermill.