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Swimming Pool Rust: Three Myths Corrected

A swimming pool is an addition that many people will want to make to their properties. For those that are new to owning swimming pools, there are numerous myths concerning pool rust that new pool owners will want to know the truth about so that they can protect their swimming pool from this potential hazard.

Myth: Rust Is Not A Serious Problem For Swimming Pools

It is often assumed that rust will not be a serious problem for those that owning swimming pools. Often, this assumption is based on the idea that all of the components of the pool will be rustproof. However, it is simply impossible to completely rust proof metal. This can be particularly true for swimming pools that have rebar in them as the moisture from the pool can seep through the concrete and corrode the rebar. Additionally, above ground pools will frequently have metal frames, and these frames can also be susceptible to corroding due to the prolonged exposure to water.

Myth: A Pool With Rust Will Always Require Major Repairs

It is often assumed that a swimming pool that is suffering from rust will always require extensive repairs. However, this may not be true, and it will be determined by the type of pool and the location of the rust. For example, an above ground pool that is suffering from rust on the metal frame may be able to be repaired by removing the rust and coating the metal with a sealant. In situations where the rust is occurring in the pool's rebar, the repairs are likely to be more extensive as much of the concrete will need to be removed so that the rebar can be replaced. It may be tempting to delay these repairs due to the inconvenience they will cause, but this can be hazardous for your pool. Rusting rebar will greatly expand in size, which can cause severe cracking of the pool. Eventually, this cracking can cause the pool wall to collapse.

Myth: There Are No Steps You Can Take To Prevent Pool Rust

Fortunately, you can help to prevent the formation of rust on the frame of the pool by cleaning it on a regular basis and applying a sealant at the start of each swimming season. While you may assume that it is impossible to protect the rebar in the pool from this problem, you can actually minimize this risk by maintaining the pool lining. This lining is designed to help prevent water from seeping through the concrete, but it can be prone to detaching from the wall. By regularly checking it to verify that it is flush with the wall, you can minimize the amount of water that reaches these metal bars.

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