Creating A More Functional Pool Area

Including Safety Features When Having A Pool Built

If you decided to make the investment in having an in-ground pool placed on your property, you are most likely excited about the prospect in being able to bask in the sun and cool off when temperatures rise. Those with small children or elderly relatives will want to ensure their loved ones are safe when utilizing the newly added feature. Keeping safety in mind is necessary when you start the designing process in the type of pool you wish to have placed. Here are some tips to consider that you can pass on to your in-ground pool builder so your swimming activities remain safe for those who engage in them.

Make Sure Proper Fencing Is Included

When you have a pool constructed, it is necessary to think about how you will keep it protected so no one can access it at times you or another person are not around to monitor usage. A locking pool gate is a great feature for those who have small children or for those who worry about neighbors, friends, or even strangers coming onto their property to use the pool without permission. This can be constructed before the pool itself to help in keeping people and pets away from the area when workers are not around as well. At the very least, invest in a temporary mesh fence to use during construction and until you can get permanent fencing added to your property.

Consider Installing An Electrical Source

While many will use a cell phone to get a hold of people during an emergency, having another form of communication for those who do not have cell service can be a beneficial pool addition. An intercom system can be hooked up to the pool area to use to alert people within the home about an emergency situation. In addition to communicating with those inside of the home, electricity in the pool area can be useful for watching television on a deck alongside the swimming area or lighting up the pool for a nighttime swim. If electricity is to be added, make sure to have childproof outlets installed and keep the power area limited to just one portion of the pool area so it can be deemed as an off-limits area to youngsters if necessary.

Use The Right Flooring To Minimize Injuries

Many people use a cement floor around their swimming pool. Consider increasing the attractiveness of your pool area with the addition of pavers, cobblestone or wood instead so those using the area are less likely to become hurt should they slip and fall. These surfaces will give your pool a unique appearance and will not scrape the skin as easily as rough pavement.

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