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Tips To Help You Clean Your Backyard Pool

Having your own swimming pool in your backyard allows you to enjoy its cool waters and relaxing view anytime you wish. But with it also comes the responsibility of cleaning it and maintaining its chemicals for clear water. Here are some tips to help you keep clean your pool and its water.

Clean Out Visible Debris

The first part of cleaning out your pool is to use the pool skimmer to scoop out any visible debris. This includes leaves, grass, dead bugs, and other large debris that may fall or get blown into your pool. Use your skimmer, which is a net on a long pole used to scoop of debris, to catch and pull out materials.

Next, use a telescopic-handled pool brush to brush and dislodge any algae growing on the bottom and sides of your pool. Once you have brushed any algae from the pool's sides and bottom, your pool filter will remove it from the water.

You should also use a pool vacuum to suck up any dirt and smaller particles that have settled on the bottom of your pool. If your pool has an automatic pool vacuum, you can turn it on to run over the bottom and sides of your pool to clean up settled particles while you do other tasks. 

Clear Up Algae Blooms

If your pool water ever starts to look green in color, you have algae growing in the water, which will need to be removed. Wear protective gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection to prevent any pool treatment products you will add to your pool water from injuring you if it were to come in contact with your body.

First, you will need to lower the pH of the water with an acid pH reducer to correct the water's environment and make it in hospitable for algae growth. Follow the instructions on the product to add the correct amount for the size of your pool. 

Next, you will need to add some chlorine shock treatment to the pool water, which will kill any organic material, including algae and bacteria. This will prevent any algae from growing further.

Rinse the Filter

Your pump filter constantly filters out particles and debris from your pool's water, and it can become dirty quickly. For this reason, you should to clean it regularly. If you have had a recent algae bloom in your pool, you will need to clean it more frequently as it removes all the algae from the water during the water cleaning process.

Check your pump filter for the proper cleaning instructions. Many pumps have a filter you can pull from its interior to spray it clean with your garden hose and a nozzle attachment. Be sure to also check your pump strainer to remove any debris it may have collected.

Use these tips to help you keep your pool sparkling clean. You can also work with a pool cleaning company like Arizona Pima Chemical Pool Service for more help.