Creating A More Functional Pool Area

4 Features To Include In Your Custom Pool

The only thing better than having a swimming pool put in is when your new swimming pool is custom-designed and built. A custom swimming pool means you get all the features you really want and will use as well as the overall design and look you prefer. When deciding which features to include in your new custom swimming pool, keep these features in mind:

Waterfall Feature

Adding a waterfall feature to your swimming pool gives your pool more visual interest and also lets your family have fun splashing around in the water. Most people also find the sound of waterfall features quite soothing. Waterfalls come in a variety of designs and styles including simple and elegant sheets of water, or water that falls over rock features to mimic the appearance and relaxing sound of a waterfall in nature.

Built-In Hot Tub

A built-in hot tub that seamlessly blends with the design of your custom swimming pool adds a lot of value to your pool. Instead of only having the option to swim, you will be able to soak in your hot tub at the end of the day, letting the warm water ease away the tension in your muscles and joints. In addition to helping with joint pain, hot tubs are also believed to help relieve stress, promote relaxation, and improve circulation. 

Since hot tubs can be enjoyed year-round, you may find that adding one helps you get more use out of your custom swimming pool. Even in the cold of winter when your pool isn't in use, you will still be able to soak in your hot tub.

Swim-Up Bar

If you really want your custom swimming pool to feel like a relaxing luxury resort, you need to add a swim-up bar. You can keep the bar stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshing beverages. A swim-up bar can be designed in any style you like, from sleek and modern to a tropical tiki bar.

LED Light Systems

Adding a lighting system will maximize the use you get out of your swimming pool since you will be able to safely swim at night. LED light systems also add ambiance, with a variety of color combinations that can be turned into enchanting light shows. LED lighting is also very energy-efficient, so you won't even notice the addition of pool lights on your electricity bill.

Adding any of these unique features to your custom swimming pool will turn your backyard into a tropical oasis. For more information, contact companies like DESJOYAUX POOLS.