Creating A More Functional Pool Area

3 Important Considerations For New Pool Owners

Have you recently purchased a home that has a pool? Do you want to go swimming in your pool but you're not sure how to get it ready for use? Although it may seem to be confusing at first, using and operating a pool isn't that difficult. However, there are definitely things that you should know and may want to keep in mind so that your pool experience can be as good as possible. A few of the more important things include:

Annual inspection: Even though your pool might look to be in fine condition, you should always have it inspected every year. Even a tiny crack can cause huge issues. A crack may look small at first but, if no pool repair is performed, it can allow water to escape into the ground surrounding your pool; this can result in you needing hundreds or even thousands of extra gallons of water every month to keep your pool filled. It will also throw off the balance of chemicals in the water due to needing to add more water to keep the pool filled. Finally, this leaking water can eventually cause the ground under and around your pool to weaken and collapse, resulting in an even more costly pool repair than if you'd simply gotten the crack fixed when it was first noticed.

Water testing: There is more to owning a pool than simply tossing in chlorine on a weekly basis and expecting everything to be fine. Too much chlorine can cause damage to the pool, eye and skin irritation, or even chemical burns while too little chlorine can allow algae and dangerous bacteria to grow in the pool. To get your pool started, you may want to hire someone for a few weeks to balance the pool chemicals until you can do it yourself; this will be less costly in the long run than dealing with the pool repair or doctor bills that may be a consequence of a poorly managed pool.

Winterizing: In much of the country, special precautions must be taken to prepare your pool for winter months. It may seem silly to be thinking about this at the beginning of summer, but now is the perfect time to make sure that you have everything ready. Failing to properly winterize your pool could result in costly damage and an expensive pool repair bill next summer. Making sure that you have everything ready for autumn when the winterizing process should begin.

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