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Helpful Tips For Preventing Hurricane Damage To Hotel Pools

One of the appealing features that many guests look for in hotels in the southeastern United States is the swimming pool. For hotel owners and managers, keeping their hotel's pools in prime condition at all times can help increase the number of guests who choose their hotel for their vacations. However, the southeastern region of the United States is prone to hurricanes, which can damage hotel pools if the pools are not properly prepared for the damaging winds and rainfall totals of hurricanes. If you manage a hotel, here are a few helpful tips to mitigate the risks of damage to your hotel's pool from a hurricane. 

Turn off the electricity to the pool area

Protect the electrical components of the swimming pool area by turning off the electricity. Do this at the circuit breaker in the hotel's main electrical panel. After the electricity has been turned off, wrap the various components (such as the pump motor, electric heaters, and light transformers) in a waterproof plastic membrane and secure the membrane, so it doesn't come off. 

Move all outdoor furniture & loose items indoors 

Given that hurricane winds are extremely forceful, any unsecured items can become dangerous projectiles and cause building damage and personal injury to anyone who may not heed the warnings to stay indoors or evacuate. Move all outdoor furniture and other loose items into a safe location inside the hotel. Anything that cannot be relocated indoors should be bolted down with chains. 

Do not empty the pool or lower the water level 

Draining the pool may seem like a good idea but doing so could cause extensive damage to your pool due to excessive force from the hydrostatic pressure of the high water table of the soil surrounding the pool from the hurricane. This hydrostatic pressure could cause the pool to lift out of the ground. Lowering the water level is also not recommended because doing so will leave the sides of the pool susceptible to damage from any flying objects. Essentially, the water in the pool will act as a buffer to protect the sides of the pool. 

To ensure that your hotel's pool and pool area are correctly prepared for a hurricane, hire a commercial pool contractor. Also, have the pool contractor return to ready the pool for guests after the hurricane has passed. Do not turn the electricity to the pool back on until the pool contractor deems that it is safe to do so. For more information, contact a company like Hollywood Pools And Spas.