Creating A More Functional Pool Area

Designing Your Pool

If you are in the middle of deciding on a design for your pool, then you might want to have some great unique features included in its design. When it comes to many optional features, you will have to add them when the pool is installed, because it may be impossible or much more difficult to add them later. Here are some good examples of features to think about having included into the design of your pool.

Recessed lounging area – You can have a recessed lounging area built into your spot that offers the perfect spot for you to visit with others without getting all the way out of the pool. Also, this can give you a great spot to tan, a relaxing area to enjoy a drink by or in the pool, or even a romantic spot to enjoy time with your special someone.

Plenty of lighting – Many pools feature one bright light on the deep end of the pool that lights up most of it. In extremely large pools, there will be some extra lights. However, if you like the idea of a lot of light, then you are going to want to have more lighting configured into the designing of the pool. When the lights are being put in, you may also want to choose the color of lights. You can stick with the traditional bulbs that generate white light, or you can opt for colored lights that make your pool look much different at nighttime.

Waterfall – If you want to give your pool a wonderful look that adds to its overall design and that helps to fit the pool into the surrounding landscape, then you might want to have a cascading waterfall designed into the pool's design. Along with giving the pool a look that makes it seem more natural in the yard, the waterfall also adds a nice sound that helps the pool become a great place to de-stress at the end of the day. The waterfall can be as large and elaborate as you like and can even have something like a slide built into it.

Water jets – You can have water jets installed around the pool that shoot beautiful arched streams of water into the swimming pool. You can even have lights installed that cause the streams of water to be colored in the colors of your choosing. These jets are a great feature to consider adding to the pool.

Contact a pool design service for more information.