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Pool Wall Collapse? What You Can Do

Swimming pools aren't meant to last a lifetime, but they can last quite a long time if you take care of them properly. You may encounter a few issues along the way, including holes in your pool liner or problems with other aspects of your pool, including the pump or filter. Your pool wall may also give you a problem at some point in time, such as the wall collapsing altogether. If your pool wall collapses, you may be in need of a contractor. Read on for helpful information.

What Caused The Collapse?

The pool wall may be on the older side and could be made from cinder blocks, rather than from poured concrete or a pool form, as newer in-ground pools use today. If the pool wall has collapsed, you are going to need some major work done to your pool. In this instance, the ground around your pool may have been disrupted and caused the collapse, or you could have had an issue with the blocks wearing out over time, and they have begun to crumble. If your pool walls collapsed, even if you have a newer in-ground pool, you may need repair to your pool, or you may need your pool replaced altogether.

Can You Replace Your Own Pool?

This is definitely not something recommended, as installing an in-ground pool is going to take careful planning, not to mention a lot of materials you probably don't have laying around, as well as the machinery required to install the new pool. Installing an in-ground pool on your own is not recommended, but you can call a pool contractor for help in either replacing or repairing your swimming pool. A contractor may be able to repair a wall that has begun to collapse, but if the collapse was due to the ground becoming unsteady, you're going to need more work done, such as bracing the pool walls or back-filling around the pool wall area where the ground may have gotten washed out with time. 

If you have an in-ground pool, you'll encounter a problem at one point or another. A collapse of your pool doesn't always mean you need a new pool altogether, but if it is on the older side, you may want to consider it. If you have an issue with your pool, whether it's a minor repair or a major issue, call a professional pool repair company to help you.

For more information on swimming pool repair, reach out to a pool contractor in an area near you.