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Why Prompt Swimming Pool Leak Detection Is Important

If you suspect your swimming pool has a leak, you might feel tempted to ignore the issue if it seems minor. However, scheduling an appointment for swimming pool leak detection is important. Finding and fixing the leak should be done promptly because the problem likely will escalate. Even if that does not happen, the situation is costing you money.

Higher Water Bills

Some water is generally lost because of splashing and evaporation. However, a leak can result in noticeably higher water bills. Evaporation can be prevented by covering the pool when not in use, but the leak continues.

Disruption in Chemical Balance

Losing water this way also disrupts the balance of the sanitizing chemicals. Keeping those substances at the proper level can be difficult if they are draining away. In fact, the first suspicion of a pool leak sometimes happens when the owner tests the water routinely and discovers the chemicals are out of balance sooner than usual. Allowing the problem to continue means spending more on those products.

Ongoing chemical imbalances also can lead to negative effects. Algae may begin to grow. If pH levels get too high, the water might become cloudy and the chlorine will be less effective. If the pH goes too low, the water becomes more acidic. Some of the equipment may start to corrode. Higher acidity levels also are more irritating to a swimmer's eyes and skin.

Environmental Considerations

Since the chemicals are leaving the pool, they could be seeping into the ground and contaminating the soil. Depending on how substantial the problem is, chlorine and other chemicals may gradually reach and contaminate groundwater.

Types of Problems

The flaw depends on the type of pool and the extra features that have been added. Structural issues are not the only possibility. Problems can occur in plumbing lines, skimmers, main drains, and fountains. Most are relatively minor and easy for a technician to fix. Pool owners should consider an occasional need for repair as part of routine maintenance, just as they do with a car that is several years old.

A technician might repair the flaw on the same day if the task will be fairly easy. 

Concluding Thoughts

Allowing a swimming pool leak to continue is inadvisable. Replacing the water and lost chemicals costs extra money, and the situation can become worse over time. Your best option is to contact a company providing pool leak detection services and schedule an appointment for an inspection.