Including Safety Features When Having A Pool Built

If you decided to make the investment in having an in-ground pool placed on your property, you are most likely excited about the prospect in being able to bask in the sun and cool off when temperatures rise. Those with small children or elderly relatives will want to ensure their loved ones are safe when utilizing the newly added feature. Keeping safety in mind is necessary when you start the designing process in the type of pool you wish to have placed. [Read More]

Swimming Pool Rust: Three Myths Corrected

A swimming pool is an addition that many people will want to make to their properties. For those that are new to owning swimming pools, there are numerous myths concerning pool rust that new pool owners will want to know the truth about so that they can protect their swimming pool from this potential hazard. Myth: Rust Is Not A Serious Problem For Swimming Pools It is often assumed that rust will not be a serious problem for those that owning swimming pools. [Read More]

3 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of The Pool

Pests in and around your pool or spa can ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. It can also lead to more work as you try to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. The following tips can help you overcome pest problems so you can concentrate on enjoying your time in the water. #1: Look for breeding grounds Chances are mosquitoes and other annoying pests aren't breeding or drinking directly from the chemically treated pool. [Read More]

Getting An Inground Pool? Why Fiberglass Is The Only Way To Go

Few things are as exciting as installing an inground pool. If you're in the midst of planning for this event, you are likely already envisioning lazy days by the pool with your family, either frolicking in the waters, taking a relaxing swim, or even reading a good novel while floating on an inner tube. However, before these dreams can come to fruition, you have to make an important decision: which material will you use to construct the pool? [Read More]